Audio Conception loudspeakers are made in a  family company in the Czech town of Havířov, about half an hour’s drive from Ostrava. Join us for a look at how the handmade leather-covered speakers are made.
At the beginning, a decision is made about a new model to fill a gap in the range or to replace a model. This decision includes the idea of the new system: concept, size, specifics, the resulting price of the speaker and the budget for its development. A rough design of the future system is created, taking into account what is possible in terms of both the resulting price and the development costs. The next step is a matter of mathematical calculations and physical simulations in computer software. At the end of this process is an approximate model of the system with the dimensions and internal design determined. This is followed by prototyping, fitting the loudspeakers, connecting the external signal turnout (which is always calculated to suit each system and each fitting) and final fine-tuning. Once the results are satisfactory, an exact copy of the actual prototype is made and wired for stereo listening. During the test listening sessions, the main lab work is on the fitting and adjustment of the turnout, and in the extreme case, the choice of other speakers or adjustments to the internal structure of the soundboard. After this stage, the designer works on the loudspeaker, trying to give it an exclusive final look while maintaining the specifications. This phase usually takes months, this is how new luxury, handmade prototypes are created.

Listening is the key

Listening is the key. The goal of Audio Conception loudspeakers is the most perfect and natural reproduction with all the fine details, which entertains the listener without tiring them out. Precise sound reproduction, detailed rendering of mids, bass and treble, minimal distortion and the sound as it really is. The speakers can reproduce even subtle nuances, so that when listening to any genre of music, you can really hear the detail, and the refinement in the individual tones of each recording.

Audio Conception -Just design and High-End technology

We have been on the Czech market since 1993. Our priority is to create and exclusive loudspeakers with unique design and excellent sound , which will become a dominant feature of any home. Our portfolio of services includes the production of handcrafted luxury Hi-End speakers for a quality music experience, but also for high-end home cinema , from design to final fabrication, and fine tuning.

Only when all the elements of a loudspeaker work together to the smallest detail can music reproduction become an unrivalled experience. This is what we strive for with every loudspeaker. Many of the elements that are apparent at first glance in Audio Conception loudspeakers are their precision craftsmanship, quality finishes, luxurious materials and quality handmade crossovers . Each speaker is a masterpiece.

The precision manufacturing of one pair of these unique speakers is very time consuming and is therefore designed for the very discerning customer.

Come and see and hear in person the beautiful speakers you don’t normally see, which are actually more beautiful than the photos.